All of our cPanel hosting products now include the fantastic WordPress Toolkit, which gives you unparalleled control over your WordPress sites with site staging, cloning and smart updates. 

In addition, Resellers are now able to benefit from bulk management of their WordPress sites, making the WordPress Toolkit the ultimate solution for WordPress Agencies. 

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Huge-Scale Cloud Infrastructure

The Most Complete, Secure, and Versatile Toolkit for WordPress

From customizable installations and sets to intuitive management of backups, themes, plugins, and passwords, our WordPress Toolkit is ideal for anyone with multiple WordPress websites.



As a Brixly Reseller, you are also able to bulk-manage and maintain WordPress Hosting sites for your clients, including bulk-updates, whilst keeping them securely isolated from each other.

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Updates breaking your WordPress sites? Introducing…

Smart Updates

The WordPress Toolkit is included with all of our reseller hosting, and shared hosting plans and now comes complete with a facility called ‘Smart Updates’, designed to break the ‘fear’ that comes with updating WordPress. 



Previously,  updates to WordPress websites always felt ‘risky’ – there was always the chance of a small plugin update, or a theme update breaking the site entirely. So much so, just like the rest of us, you likely just ignored the updates which, unfortunately, puts your sites at risk. 



Introducing ‘Smart Updates’, you are now able to select the plugins and themes you wish to update from a simple and intuitive control panel. Once those have been selected, hit ‘Update’, and the magic begins!



The Smart Update functionality takes a complete copy of your live website, then performs the update on this version of the site, rather than the ‘live’ version. Once the updates have been completed, you are then presented with a side-by-side comparison before making the changes live. 

Huge-Scale Cloud Infrastructure

Additional Security

Scan and harden all of your websites against security risks using updates based on recommendations from WordPress community experts.


With one-click security, backed by our powerful DDoS protection your sites are in safe hands. 

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WordPress Management 4

Huge-Scale Cloud Infrastructure

WordPress Cloning and Staging

Making a copy of your WordPress website just got even easier! 


Create a complete clone of any WordPress installation to any alternative domain in just minutes.


Want to work on the website without interrupting the live site? Create a staging site, which is a complete clone of the existing site – once you are finished with your changes, simply ‘push’ those changes to live!