The Elastic Cloud is our high availability cloud platform designed for the most demanding websites and applications. 

Our custom-built solution allows you to handle tens of thousands of simultaneous visitors, with the simplicity of cPanel at its core. 

Scalable from a single server, through to a high-availability, multi-server cluster spanning multiple data-centres. 

Welcome to the industries first true-cloud cPanel infrastructure built for enterprise. 


Our unique platform ensures your site remains online with the power of application level fail-over technology, with real-time replication between nodes.

cPanel Powered

Familiar with cPanel, but want the option of fail-over and scalability? Introducing the UK's first cPanel high-availability solution.


Your account automatically copes with unexpected traffic spikes and busy periods by offloading traffic to an alternative server.

DNS Load Balanced

Your DNS is served independant to the hardware your sites live - we do not rely on a load balancer for our failover solution.

DC Independant

In the extremely unlikely event of an entire data-centre outage, your sites have the potential to failover to an alternative data centre without downtime.

Hourly Backups

Your account is backed up hourly to an off-site location for the ultimate disaster recovery solution. Restore your enterprise site in seconds.

Fully Managed Hosting for Enterprise Websites and Applications

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Our Elastic Cloud is a fully managed solution which has been designed to cope with large volumes of traffic

Global Horizontal Scalability

Host your website in multiple servers globally and have your content served closest to your visitors.

Fully Managed Hosting Solution

Our enterprise hosting solutions are fully managed, allowing you to focus on running your business.

A solution to grow with your business

The Elastic Cloud can be scaled from a single server, through to a multi-server cluster spanning numerous data-centres worldwide. Scale your hosting platform as your business grows.

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