Powerful WooCommerce Hosting for your e-commerce site

WooCommerce Hosting designed from the ground up to provide leading edge performance on pure NVMe storage. 

Our WordPress Hosting is the UK’s leading hosting platform for simplified WordPress management – now with the outstanding  ‘WordPress Toolkit’ included free of charge with every account. 

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Premium WordPress Hosting – designed for WooCommerce

Our Premium WooCommerce Hosting platform has been designed and optimised to give you an unparalleled WooCommerce Hosting experience. 

Up to 220% Faster

Unbeatable website caching and performance for your WordPress sites. Powered by the Litespeed Enterprise Web Server.

Industry Standard

cPanel has been developed by a dedicated team spanning 20+ years. Don't settle for anything less for your WordPress site or blog.

WooCommerce Optimised

Powerful functionality for WordPress sites including staging, cloning and centralised management for an outstanding WordPress hosting experience.

Multiple PHP Versions

Easy PHP version and module control with your hosting account. PHP 5.6 - 8.0 compatible.

Email Hosting Included

Our WordPress hosting platform includes enterprise-grade email hosting as standard.

One-Click Migration

Migrate your entire account to us in minutes, not days using our Migration Center.

NVMe Storage

Our premium hosting plans are 100% powered by Enterprise-Grade Samsung NVMe drives for unbeatable website hosting performance.


You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time from our client area, without any interruption to your critical business processes.

WordPress Toolkit

The WordPress Toolkit makes creating and managing your WordPress sites easy, with full cloning and staging capabilities.

Key Features:

Unique Benefits:

Unlimited Features:

Email Features:

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Your sites, but faster with...

Lightspeed and LS Cache

LiteSpeed Web Server can serve thousands of clients concurrently and with up to 16 times faster delivery means an all-round more engaging experience for your website visitors and customers.

WooCommerce Hosting

Our web hosting platform has been developed by WordPress enthusiasts to ensure that your hosting experience is truly second to none.


Our unique set of tools and plugins have been built in-house to streamline tedious, repetitive WordPress tasks.

Centralised WordPress Management

Manage your WordPress installations directly from within our client portal using our beautifully simple interface. 

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Up to 220% Faster with LSCache

Unbeatable website caching and performance optimisation.

Staging and Cloning

Staging clones of your website in seconds. Simply push your changes to live!

Centralised Management

Powerful, centralised WordPress management directly from our client area.

Temporary Preview Domain

We have build our own 'website preview' tool, making it easier to develop your sites.


Cloud WordPress Hosting Specifications

cPanel is the industry standard control panel, backed by over 20+ years of development experience. 

Lightning Fast

Litespeed Web Server to bring leading-edge performance, along with the powerful LSCache solution for your WordPress site and blogs.

WordPress Heaven

Powerful functionality for WordPress devs including site staging and cloning. You are also able to manage your WordPress installs from our client area directly.

Large Resource Limits

Our Premium Hosting accounts come with a minimum of 2 CPU Cores and 2GB RAM, allowing you to host the most demanding sites or e-commerce.

Technical Overview

Key Features:

File Management:

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Security and Protection:

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Technical Support:

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Web Applications:

Powerful disaster recovery with JetBackup

Free Automatic Daily Backups

Full account backups every day as standard for 30 days. The ideal disaster recovery companion, completely free of charge.

Restore either your full site or choose to selectively restore files, DNS records, email accounts and more with a single click, from any point in time.

Backups stored off-site / out of DC

Backups stored off-site to ensure availability in the event of a disaster.

Daily, and fully automatic

Our backups are taken automatically once daily free of charge.

Fast restoration process

Made a mistake? Get your site online within just a few minutes.

JetBackup - Industry Standard

Powered by JetBackup, our recovery solution is industry leading.

256bit Encryption

Our free SSL's are fully validated 256bit encrypted certificates.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Install a fully validated wildcard SSL certificate free of charge.

Auto Install and Renewal

Installed automatically, renewed automatically.

Powered by LetsEncrypt

FREE SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are completely free of charge for you and all client accounts you create via WHM.

Installed in just seconds, secure your domains with https:// today.

Enterprise Grade Email Delivery and Protection

MailChannels Email Relay

Blacklisted IP addresses on shared hosting is the number one cause for mail delivery issues and is a common problem for most hosting providers.


We use MailChannels Cloud so that all outbound mail are relayed through a distributed network of IP Addresses dedicated to delivering your mail. 


This is a premium relay service, which is included completely free of charge with you hosting platform.

Included FREE

Our mail relay service is included free of charge with all mailboxes.

Inbox, not SPAM!

MailChannels ensures your emails are delivered successfully.

Email Continuity / Redundancy

Clustered email access in the event of a disaster - no more lost emails.

99.98% Filtering Accuracy

Regarded as the most accurate SPAM filtering solution on the market.

Automatically Configured

Enabled on all accounts, completely free of charge.

Powerful SPAM Protection with unbeatable accuracy

SpamExperts SPAM Protection

SpamExperts is an advanced email filter that scans and filters your incoming email for spam, viruses, phishing, and other email-related attacks by botnets and spammers with 99.98% accuracy — all before it reaches your inbox.

moving PROVIDERS DOESN’T have to be complicated.

Migration Centre

Our in-house developed migration facility has been used to successfully migrate over 65,000 sites. move your sites with confidence in just minutes, not days. 

Migrate your entire account in minutes

Migrate your website, databases and emails with just a few clicks.

Full migration data-retention

Migrations via full cPanel backups to avoid loss of data.

Expert backed assistance

Our migration process is simple, but if you need help we are available 24/7/365 to assist.

Retained Passwords

All migrations also include mailbox contents and retained passwords.