Reseller Hosting – Brixly vs 20i: An In-Depth Comparison

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Reseller Hosting - Brixly vs 20i: An In-Depth Comparison 1

Welcome to the exciting world of reseller hosting! In this bustling marketplace, two names stand out from the crowd: Brixly and 20i. Both have made a name for themselves with a range of features designed to help resellers thrive. But when you take a closer look, it’s clear that Brixly is the star of the show. This article will take you on a deep dive into the world of reseller hosting, showcasing why Brixly is the top choice for resellers who want a powerful, user-friendly, and cost-effective hosting solution.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is your ticket to the fast-paced world of the hosting industry. It’s a unique form of web hosting that lets you buy hosting services from a provider and then sell them to your own customers. This means you can create your own custom hosting packages, set your own prices, and even brand the service with your company name. It’s a fantastic option for web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs who want to offer their clients more or start their own hosting business.

Brixly vs 20i: An Overview

On the surface, Brixly and 20i might seem like two peas in a pod. Both offer a range of features designed to help resellers grow their businesses. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find some key differences that set them apart.

One of the biggest differences is the control panel each provider uses. Brixly uses cPanel, a control panel that’s loved around the world for its robust features, easy-to-use interface, and wide compatibility. It’s a familiar platform for many users, which means new customers can hit the ground running and migrations are a breeze.

On the other hand, 20i uses their own bespoke control panel. While this might offer a unique user experience, it also comes with its own set of challenges. For example, migrating to or from 20i’s service can be a bit tricky due to the custom nature of their control panel. This can lead to extra costs and delays, especially for resellers with a lot of clients or those who decide to switch providers down the line.

Control Panel Comparison: cPanel vs 20i’s Bespoke Control Panel

Reseller Hosting - Brixly vs 20i: An In-Depth Comparison 2

When it comes to control panels, Brixly’s choice of cPanel is a game-changer. As one of the most popular control panels worldwide, cPanel is renowned for its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. It’s a platform that many users are already familiar with, which means less time spent on learning new software and more time spent on growing your business.

But the real beauty of cPanel lies in its compatibility and ease of migration. Whether you’re moving to Brixly or deciding to switch providers, cPanel makes the process smooth and hassle-free. This is a stark contrast to 20i’s bespoke control panel. While it may offer a unique user experience, the proprietary nature of the panel can make migrations a complex and potentially costly affair.

Imagine this scenario: You’re a reseller with a large client base, and you decide to switch providers. With Brixly, the transition would be straightforward thanks to cPanel. But with 20i, you could face a more complicated process, potentially leading to increased costs and delays. This is a crucial consideration for any reseller who values flexibility and the freedom to switch providers without being held back by technical constraints.

Billing Platform Comparison: WHMCS vs HostPay

In the world of billing platforms, Brixly once again takes the lead by offering licenses for WHMCS, the industry-standard billing platform. WHMCS is a comprehensive solution that automates and streamlines many aspects of a hosting business, from billing and invoicing to customer support.

On the other hand, 20i provides their own solution, HostPay. While HostPay is simple to set up and manage, it lacks the flexibility and comprehensive features offered by WHMCS. For resellers who want a robust and flexible billing platform that can grow with their business, Brixly’s WHMCS offering is a clear winner.

Storage Comparison: NVMe vs SSD

When it comes to storage, Brixly pulls ahead with its use of NVMe storage. NVMe, or Non-Volatile Memory Express, is a type of storage technology that offers faster data transfer rates compared to traditional SSD storage used by 20i. This means your websites will load faster, providing a better experience for your end users.

Faster website load times can also improve SEO rankings, as search engines like Google factor in page load speed when determining search rankings. This is a significant advantage for resellers whose clients rely on SEO to drive traffic to their websites.

Additional Advantages of Brixly

But the advantages of Brixly don’t stop there. Brixly also offers Litespeed Enterprise web servers and LSCache, which have been benchmarked to offer significant performance benefits over the StackCache solution offered by 20i. This means even faster website load times and an even better user experience.

In addition, Brixly provides free custom nameservers, a feature that 20i charges £100 per month for. This can result in significant cost savings over time, especially for resellers with a large number of clients.

Brixly’s platform is also powered by their B-Cloud infrastructure, which offers full cloud redundancy. This means your data is always safe and accessible, even in the event of a hardware failure.

Speed of Support: Brixly vs 20i

When it comes to reseller hosting, fast and reliable support is crucial. Both Brixly and 20i offer some of the industry’s fastest response and resolution times, but Brixly has a unique advantage in this area.

Brixly’s use of cPanel, a widely used and well-documented control panel, means that there is a wealth of knowledge and resources readily available online. This includes not only official documentation from cPanel itself, but also a plethora of articles, guides, and forums from other hosting providers and users. This wealth of information makes it easy for resellers to find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently.

In contrast, 20i uses their own bespoke control panel. While they undoubtedly provide support for their platform, the proprietary nature of their control panel means that the amount of third-party information available online is likely to be more limited compared to cPanel.

In conclusion, while both Brixly and 20i offer fast support, Brixly’s use of cPanel gives resellers an additional advantage by providing easy access to a wide range of online resources. This can help resellers resolve issues more quickly, reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction.

Hidden Costs: Brixly vs 20i

When choosing a reseller hosting provider, it’s essential to consider not just the upfront costs, but also any hidden or additional fees that may arise. This is where Brixly once again stands out.

With 20i, certain features come with additional costs. For instance, their Timeline Backups service, which provides daily backups of your data, is charged based on the number of accounts you have. The costs range from £9.99 per month for 0-50 accounts to £49.99 per month for 201-500 accounts. And if you opt for their Pro service, the costs can be even higher.

In contrast, Brixly includes backups as part of their service at no extra charge. This not only provides peace of mind knowing your data is safe, but also results in significant cost savings over time.

Another area where 20i charges extra is for custom nameservers, which they price at £100 per month. Custom nameservers can provide a more professional look for your business, as they allow you to use your own domain name for your nameservers. With Brixly, custom nameservers are included free of charge, providing another way for you to save money and enhance your brand.

These hidden costs can add up quickly, especially for resellers with a large number of clients. By choosing Brixly, you can avoid these extra fees and keep your costs predictable, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Unlimited vs Tiered: A Closer Look at Account Limits

When comparing reseller hosting providers, one factor to consider is the number of accounts you’re allowed to host. 20i advertises ‘unlimited’ hosting accounts, which may initially seem like a great deal. However, the reality may not be as straightforward.

The term ‘unlimited’ often comes with fair usage terms, which can be unclear. While 20i claims to allow unlimited hosting accounts, it’s worth questioning whether this is commercially viable. After all, every account uses resources, and an unlimited number of accounts could potentially strain the server, leading to slower performance or even downtime.

On the other hand, Brixly opts for a tiered pricing structure based on the number of cPanel accounts. This approach ensures that resources are distributed evenly, helping Brixly maintain their 99.9% uptime SLA. While there is a cost associated with each tier, this cost is predictable and transparent, with no hidden fees or unclear fair usage terms to worry about.

Brixly’s plans allow for up to 250 accounts, but they can accommodate resellers with several thousand accounts by purchasing secondary reseller plans. This flexibility allows resellers to scale their business as needed, while ensuring that the platform remains stable and reliable.

In conclusion, while ‘unlimited’ accounts may sound appealing, it’s important to consider the potential trade-offs in terms of performance and reliability. Brixly’s tiered pricing structure provides a transparent, scalable, and reliable solution for resellers of all sizes.

Resource Limits: Unlimited vs Defined

Another key factor to consider when choosing a reseller hosting provider is the resource limits for each account. 20i advertises ‘unlimited’ resources, which at first glance may seem like an unbeatable offer. However, it’s important to consider the practicality and commercial viability of such a claim.

‘Unlimited’ resources may sound appealing, but in reality, every account uses server resources, and an unlimited number of accounts with unlimited resources could potentially strain the server. This could lead to slower performance, downtime, or even the need to upgrade to a more expensive plan, such as a VPS server.

In contrast, Brixly opts for defined limits, with each account allocated 2 Cores and 2GB RAM. This is around twice the industry average, providing sufficient resources for approximately 96% of accounts on Brixly’s servers. This approach ensures that resources are distributed evenly, helping to maintain optimal performance and reliability.

For those rare instances where the standard resources aren’t quite enough, Brixly offers a ‘Boost+’ option. This allows users to temporarily increase the resources for an individual account, which can be particularly useful during peak periods like Christmas and Bank Holidays.

In conclusion, while ‘unlimited’ resources may sound attractive, it’s important to consider the potential trade-offs in terms of performance and reliability. Brixly’s defined resource limits provide a transparent, scalable, and reliable solution that can cater to the needs of most resellers.

The Benefits of 20i

While this article primarily focuses on the advantages of Brixly, it’s worth acknowledging the strengths of 20i. Their platform is known for its overall ease of use and simplicity, making it a great option for beginners or those who prioritize a straightforward user experience. The intuitive design of 20i’s platform can help new resellers get up and running quickly.

However, it’s important to note that simplicity doesn’t always equate to the best option, especially for scaling businesses, agencies, and startup web hosts. While 20i’s platform is easy to use, it does have its limitations and potential hidden costs that can become a hindrance as your business grows.

On the other hand, Brixly, with its use of cPanel, might require a slight learning curve for those new to the platform. But don’t let that deter you. cPanel is regarded as an incredibly user-friendly platform once you get the hang of it. It’s robust, flexible, and packed with features that can support your business as it grows. Plus, with the wealth of online resources and fast support offered by Brixly, you’ll have all the help you need to master cPanel in no time.

In conclusion, while 20i is a good option for those seeking simplicity and ease of use, Brixly is the superior choice for resellers who need a platform that can scale with their business and offer more control and flexibility.

Why Brixly is the Best Choice for Scaling Businesses, Agencies, and Startup Web Hosts

When it comes to scaling businesses, agencies, and startup web hosts, Brixly truly shines. With its robust features, superior performance, and cost-effective pricing, Brixly offers a reseller hosting solution that can grow with your business.

One of the key advantages of Brixly is its use of cPanel and WHMCS. These industry-standard platforms offer a wealth of features and flexibility, making it easier to manage your hosting business as it grows. In contrast, 20i’s bespoke control panel and HostPay solution may be simpler to use, but they lack the flexibility and scalability offered by Brixly.

Moreover, Brixly’s use of NVMe storage and Litespeed Enterprise web servers ensures your websites load quickly, providing a superior user experience and potentially boosting SEO rankings. And with free custom nameservers and backups included as standard, Brixly offers significant cost savings compared to 20i.

Finally, Brixly’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their migration support. They understand the challenges of moving to a new provider, especially for resellers with a large client base. That’s why they offer tools and support to make the migration process as smooth as possible. This is a stark contrast to 20i, which lacks an export or backup facility, making it difficult for resellers to move away.


In conclusion, while both Brixly and 20i offer a range of features for resellers, Brixly stands out as the superior choice. With its robust features, superior performance, cost-effective pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Brixly offers a reseller hosting solution that is not only easy to use but also capable of growing with your business. So why settle for less when you can have the best?


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