VPS Reseller Hosting

fully integrated with WHMCS

Our VPS Reseller Hosting allows you to tailor your own bespoke VPS plans and provision your own VPS servers instantly from our intuitive cloud management control panel. You can also integrate with your WHMCS installation to provision your clients VPS servers in seconds.

Ultra-Fast Deployment

Whether you choose to deploy your VPS servers manually, or automatically through our WHMCS module your clients VPS will be up and running in just a few seconds.

LXC or KVM Servers

LXC servers offer near dedicated server performance and better resource utilisation, whilst KVM servers are incredibly flexible and can be used for custom operating systems.

Control Panel Installs

We have made the process of installing many of the most popular control panels incredibly simple. Just click install, wait for the install to complete and your done!

Truly Scaleable Solution

With our VPS Reseller platform you are able to create and sell servers of any specification by defining your own RAM, CPU and storage capacity.

Operating Systems

Provision your servers using a wide choice of operating systems in just seconds including pre-configured cPanel servers, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and much more. You can also upload your own ISO files.

Quality Performance

Our nodes run pure RAID10 SSD Storage, powerful Intel CPU's and DDR4 RAM for leading edge performance. Backed by our expert 24x7 technical support.

Pay as you Grow

Our pay as you go plan allows you to purchase only the resources you require as your VPS reseller business grows
£ 1 Monthly
  • Instant VPS Provisioning
  • Purchase additional resources on demand
  • Provision multiple operating systems
  • Access to KVM and LXC Virtualisation

Calculate your VPS Reseller Pricing

Our VPS Reseller hosting is designed to be completely flexible. Rather than restricting you to a set amount of resource, you are free to add and remove RAM, CPU, Storage and IP Addresses as you require them.

SSD Storage
IP Addresses

Operating Systems

Your VPS servers can be deployed with almost any operating system. Our LXC containers are an incredibly efficient way of running Linux based operating systems, whilst KVM can be provisioned with full Kernel virtualisation (ideal for CloudLinux, Windows etc).


Available Virtualisation Technologies

Our VPS Reseller provides you the ability to provision both LXC and KVM virtual machines. 

  • Container Virtualisation
  • 14.5 times greater density than KVM
  • Launches 94% faster than KVM
  • Efficient use of resources (no kernel overhead)
  • 'Full' KVM Virtualisation
  • Ideal for running custom kernel / OS versions
  • Required for Cloudlinux
  • Can run 'non-linux' operating systems

Fully integrated with WHMCS

Our VPS Reseller Hosting offers you the ability to completely automate the process of selling VPS servers to your clients via our easy to configure WHMCS module. Your customers will be able to upgrade, manage and scale their VPS from within your client area.


Fast VPS Server Deployment

Your clients will be able to purchase VPS servers directly from within your client area with near instant visioning. The process of provisioning a new VPS is now completely automated.

Self Managed Upgrades

Provide your clients the ability to upgrade their VPS servers from within your client area in seconds.

VPS Server Management - Simplified

You are able to suspend or terminate a VPS server automatically based on late payment, non-payment and more by utilising the power of WHMCS.

Powerful control at your clients fingertips

Your clients are able to fully manage their server – not just manage its powered state. Granular control is provided allowing your clients the ability to ‘self manage’ their VPS by managing the OS, firewall rules and much, much more.


How do I integrate the vps reseller with our whmcs installation?

We have full documentation online which will step you through the process of installing and configuring our VPS reseller module.

are vps backups included?

No, VPS backups aren’t included by default. We strongly encourage all VPS servers to be backed up using your own software, such as R1Soft or cPanel backups etc.

What if I need to add more resources ?

Your VPS Reseller can be scaled up or down whenever required from within our client area. The upgrade  is instantly activated.

Can I automate selling vps servers?

Yes, absolutely! Our VPS Reseller has been designed as an alternative to running your own private cloud / hypervisors which can become complex and expensive.

Can I use this to resell cPanel or Plesk servers?

Yes! We have pre-defined cPanel templates specifically to speed the process of deployment up. Sell cPanel servers in minutes, not hours.

Can I upload my own ISO files ?

Yes, you can! We provide a facility within our portal allowing you to upload your own ISO files, which can then be used to deploy KVM servers.