Internally, I would say this is by far one of the ‘most talked about’ subjectS at Brixly. frankly, we are torn – we want your opinion to shape the future of your service 

We did an overhaul of our backup infrastructure, removing JetApps and replacing it with R1Soft a few months back. We had mentioned on our change log here…
JetApps had several issues and bugs which caused us to look at an alternative solution, R1Soft.

R1Soft spanning the last few months has been incredibly consistent, ensuring the backup retention we feel is crucial to our operations were in place. R1Soft, similar to most software solutions, has its niggles and problems, so we thought it’s time to decide with your help.

Neither of the two solutions is perfect – that’s a fact; however, they each have their pros and cons which we thought were best shared for your review.

Based on your feedback we will implement the solution with the majority vote. 


  • Excellent Consistency with backups completing without issues
  • Block Level Backups
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery through Bare Metal Recovery
  • Backups do not 'exclude' certain files
  • Significantly faster backup times of around 3 - 6 hours per server
  • Fiddly MySQL restores
  • Poor and problematic integration with cPanel and DirectAdmin
  • Unattractive interface
  • Logins require cPanel access first, rather than through WHM
  • Lack of support from provider


  • Much more attractive interface
  • Simpler restore process for you and your clients through cPanel
  • File-based backups instead of block-level
  • Tight integration with cPanel and DirectAdmin
  • Significantly better support availability
  • Slower backup times of around 6-24 hours varying depending on the content being backed up
  • Exclusions are required to ensure backups complete without errors
  • Uses rsync, which can cause accounts to fail backup without notification
  • Retention more difficult to maintain

R1Soft vs JetApps

R1Soft vs JetApps

Please ensure you have read the pro’s and con’s of each backup solution before entering your vote.


This poll has been finished and no longer available to vote !